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Where to get cryo crystal hops

I have googled all over the place and can only get cryo crystal hops in commercial quantities from yakima. Anyone know where I can get cryo crystal hops in like 8 oz or less.

Mr malt has them. But its europe. More beer. Has cyro hops

I guess we should ask why you need cryo version?

  1. The enzyme that results in hop creep, reportedly resides in the vegetable matter of the hops, not the powder in the cryo hops. It allows me to dry hop without hop creep. I use 6 ounces dry hop in 5 gallons roughly and had dry hop creep. I will test this in March by splitting out a 5 gallon batch post fermentation into 1 gallon batches during dry hopping. I limped by with dry hopping at 60 then cold crashing to 34 to get around the hop creep. I want another lever to pull to solve this issued.
  2. The crystal hops are the only hops that I can not find cryo version in my recipe. The crystal gives some pine notes. If I can’t find cryo crystal I could put in very small amount of spruce tips I guess…
  3. lesser importance, it reduces beer losses during transfer.

reason 4-I don’t understand Italian on the mr malt site which has them LOL

Haha! Your reasons make sense as your trying to eliminate a factor. Good luck sourcing them. Do you have any commercial breweries who might be interested in the other 10.5lbs of cryo hops?

Good point! Its a local brewery I am cloning beer from and he was interested in trying cryo hops to reduce his losses. I need to stop down there and pick up some yeast anyway…will do after Florida vacation.

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