Where have you been

Well this ESB has hit its prime and all I can say is " where have you been all my life" so simple so awesome

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We need the recipe for a really great beer.


That’s how I’ve been feeling about bitters lately! Sooooo good, so crushable. You didn’t like this one before, how has it changed? Just serving temp and carb level, or has the beer evolved?

It just needed a bit of time to clear. I believe the lower carbonation is key.

I’m not sure but I had it in the keggerator and found it lacking so I pulled it and stuck it in the garage for a couple. Tapped it again today, and wow. I know I know patience

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Pretty simple really faucets Marris otter.http://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/436036/esb

I like the recipe! So many ways to riff on it. Swap out a bit o’ wheat, go with British crystal malts, even some special B works well. Watch out for the TF crystal malts - they’re insanely strong. Try ekg hops, or some admiral or bramling cross. Really like the bramling cross, but all the whitebine hops are great. Swap out the yeast for whitbread, or pride of ringwood. All good.

If you really get into it, swap out some malt for invert sugar. Not the candi stuff, real invert sugar. Dilution method works great. I’ve done the old fashion cook-it-for-8-hours, and the dilution method is the way to go…

I’ve always just cheated on invert sugar and thrown in Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Learn me some stuff on inverts… how to make them, why they differ from sugar, etc…

Lyle’s golden syrup is a great sub for invert 1. Once you have invert 1, a bit o’ blackstrap is all you need to make the others. Let me look up the site…

Edit… here’s a great site for it.


Yes I’ll try a different yeast and get some British hops. Just trying to use up what I have left in the freezer. The 1968 seems very similar to 04 in that it has a bit of a bite early IMO

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing. I really dig what you did! Just giving some suggestions based on how I’ve played with the style.

No prob. I’ve got a sack of the MO and don’t plan on changing the the Gris but like I do with my pales do the same mash and just play with hops and yeast

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