When to raise lager temp during fermentation?

Brewed a 86 OG doppelbock. Wanting to dry it out to 20 FG.

I’ve had it in primary at 50 degrees Farreinheit for eight days and it’s dropped to 26, Wanting to keep the yeast (a blend of third gen 34/70 and S-23 active, and dissuade them from going dormant before their job is done.

As you can see, the gravity has dropped a lot. Would it be ok to raise the temp to 60F in an effort to keep the yeast active?

[I usually just keep my lagers at 50F for three weeks (sometimes do a diacetyl rest), then keg and lager]

I usually raise the temp on my lagers when I can see the krausen starting to drop. That’s typically 4-7 days but it all depends on the yeast, seldom do I keep them at original ferm temp for more than 10 days.

So yea I’d let it rise. It will give you a nice D rest at the very least and you may get a few more points out of it. Did you take the gravity on a room temp degassed sample? If it still had co2present you may get another couple points from that.

thanks. I did not realize co2 would affect hydrometer reading

It doesn’t really effect the reading directly, but if bubbles start sticking to the hydrometer it can lift it up a little and cause an inaccurate reading. It definitely works best to let the sample sit for awhile, but if I’m feeling jmpatient I’ll give the hydrometer a good spin in the tube to try to dislodge any bubbles and take a reading quickly.

I start around day 4, following this…http://brulosophy.com/methods/lager-method/