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When to pull hops out of keg

Hey everyone. I dry hopped an ipa in the keg 7 days ago and the keg has been sitting at room temp for the 7 days. The keg is going into the kegorator today. The hops are contained in one of those mesh lined hop canisters and tied off with dental floss.

Do you guys think I should pull the hops out now or let them sit in the keg for a while? The hops in question are Vic Secret (4 oz.) and the beer is a NEIPA.

I don’t pull mine from the keg. Not sure it matters but I just let mine float in a hop sack. As the keg empties it gets closer to the dip tube and I feel I get something from that

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Same here, I use a hop sack attached to the dip tube with a food safe clip about halfway down. No need to remove hops from keg.

I use those stainless steel mesh “spice balls”. They are like a tea ball only bigger. They never come out of the keg until it is empty and ready to be cleaned.

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I’ve done it both ways… I can’t tell if there is a difference… The mesh spice balls are very nice for this… Sits down next to the liquid tube… Haven’t tried the mesh depth charge gizmos yet… It’s on my list of curious things to get… Sneezles61

I prefer to float mine for a couple reasons. First as the pellets expand in the sack the particles drift down to the bottom. Also the only beers I do this are beers that are already highly hopped. Kind of a timed release

Would the hops break down and get particles floating or at the bottom, even through the device you use?,

Sounds like most people leave them in the keg without a problem and this beer is tasting deliciously hoppy so I’m just gonna leave them in.

I use these in my kegs. They work like a charm.


This, and they stay in until the keg kicks.

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