Wheat wine?

I’ve recently heard about wheat wines. I’m assuming it’s like a barley wine but with wheat malt. Anyone ever attempt this?

I currently have a wheat berry kettle sour in my fermenter that is a wheat wine that i added peaches to. I never brew jamil’s recipe for wheat wine. But i have brewed a number of wheat wines. I do a mix of wheat and 2row malt it works real well. Brewing 100% wheat is a recipe for stuck sparge even if you add rice hulls. Thier is a large number of hops that work great in this style anything thats grapefruit citrus like cascade for bittering and finish hops like Sazz or Crystal. But their is alot of other varities that would work well in this style. You will want to add a little crystal/caramel malt to add a little sweetness and complexity to it

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