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Wheat beer viscosity

I bottled some of my Hefenweizen from the keg a couple months ago and I’m trying it now. What I have noticed is the beer pours clear but what has dropped out is more of viscous layer as opposed to yeast solids. It tastes alright just unexpected. This is the first time I didn’t bottle condition out of laziness. Any one experience this?

I’ve seen something similar in the fermenter. More cloudy and apparently viscous towards the bottom.

I would suspect that it is proteins from the higher protein wheat. This is why they have a tendency to clear before other beers.

I forget which brand of Heff puts instructions to roll the bottle before opening… for just this reason

Think you got autocorrected. Who is Jeff? lol

I always found id amusing that some of my wheat beers that I made no attempt to clear came out crystal clear. For kegged Heffs just shake the keg to stir it up.


Paulner I believe?

And @hd4mark that’s what I do when I make one. Commercially many will use tanal a to instill haze. But I’ve even seen that clear to some extent.

I’m in a category where I need some input… Because the wheat brings extras to the brew, should I expect my FG to be higher? A week since pitch… I’m at 1.011…
Huh, one has BE 256(?) and the other has 05… Both dry yeasts… the first one isn’t my choice… I think it’ll get the peaches I just picked up… The 05 is good…

What are you going for. I make a summer ale with 40% wheat with us05 that comes out nice. Clean and dry. The 256 will put out some esters fermented at higher temperature but will be cleaner at cooler temps

I don’t have my notes with me, can check when I get home but if I remember correctly I was targeting 1.020 to 1.018 and got 1.012 for FG. My personal critique was that it needed a touch more body but everyone else loved it. I’ll tweak it again some more next time I make it.


I missed something

FG side of it… :roll_eyes:

.011 is not unreasonable if you mashed low say 150. I mash 156-8 and finish .012 with us 05. What was your mash temperature ?

158F. OG was 1.048… 25% of my grist was wheat… I fermented at 63F…
Peaches I got today are quite firm… Not much smell from them… They can sit… So can the brew…Well, I’ll keg the 05 and prep for quaffing…

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