Wheat Beer Extract Recipe

He yall I used this recipe a few years back to make a blueberry wheat recipe.

6 Lb Liquid Wheat Extract
3 Lb Wheat DME
1 oz Hersbrucker 60min
Wyeast 1010 American Wheat

Secondary after 2 weeks
3lb Blueberry Puree
4.5lb Frozen Blueberries

It turned out pretty darn good actually.

I was just wondering what what be the difference if I just used all WHeat DME in stead of Liquid Extract? What would it do for the color, taste, ect?

Just wondering if anyone has any experience.

Thanks in advance!


I have brewed with some LME and some DME and then tried all DME. And it happened to be for a wheat beer. The differences I noticed were:

A lighter color (slightly)
A little better quality
A tad bit higher O.G.
Not so good head retention (coincidence?)

It was a little more difficult to work with being all DME. I remember it taking a while to get rid of all the clumps.


Well thank you for the reply. I guess if the clumps are the worst part of it then it is easily doable. I think I will give it a shot and see what happens!

Thanks again!

OK one more question. I was going to use the German Hersbrucker hops for 60 min, but NB was fresh out. It was recommended I use Mt. Hood as a replacement but a worker there but I forgot to ask about timing as I have not used Mt. Hood before.

I see the alpha is much higher in the mt hood vs the Hersbrucker (4.0-7.0% vs 1.5-3.5%) so according to brew toad I would need to only boil for 15-20 min to achieve the same IBU. Does that sound correct for those who have ventured this route?

Thank you in advance!

I would reduce the amount used, and add for 60 mins in the boil to make sure the acid in the hop oils is melded into the wort. In other words, so you get the bittering effect, not just the flavor and aroma. As I understand it, this is the only reason to boil for 60 mn when using extract…for the hops.

So…I would use 1/2 oz at 60 min instead of 1 oz at 15-20min