What's your Pils?

Hey all. Fairly new to home brewing… I am about 9 brews (5 months) into this amazing hobby and absolutely loving it!

So, I have spent about 10 yrs in Europe, 5 of them in Germany. In addition to all of the wonderful beer flavors over there, I have fallen in love with the Pils! I have sampled and enjoyed several from Germany and many from the Czech Rep.

Currently i am in Hawaii, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, i am military… I have brewed all Ales since my homebrew addiction began. My local homebrew store is awesome, but they only have one recipie for a German Pils. Everyone is into the the exquisite craft brews, which is fine, me too. But i desire a good Pils from time to time. I have searched a few of the main homebrew kit distributors and am simply not willing to pay $45+ for shipping to the islands. The local store is capable of providing the supplies, just not a huge demand out here to specialize…

I have done the research and am capable of doing the Lagering… first batch has been in the digitally controlled chest freezer for the last week as i type this, just don’t have much in the way of a range of recipes. At this point I have not jumped into the all-grain world just yet(maybe 1-2 months), still using extract.

If you are willing to post your recipe, please do. I am looking to expand from the one i currently have in the freezer.


Hi JR, and thank you for your service.

If you can buy pilsen malt syrup, then you’re on your way. Take a look at NB’s Czech Pilsener extract kit and simply copy the recipe. Or at least try and find suitable substitutes. Lots of folks on here can help with that.



+1, thank you for your service!

Pils can be a real deep rabbit hole to get exactly the way you want. I agree with you as well that as much as I love a world-class IIPA, robust porter, or saison, there is nothing like a well-made pils. Really nailing it and producing a good one is more about process than recipe (though recipe is important). With extract, it will basically just be pils malt extract for the fermentables.

If you like your LHBS, I would definitely start with their kit recipe. If you would rather brew a bo pils, honestly just sub Saaz hops for the hallertauer or whatever they include for the german kit. Give a read to this as well, great resource on lager fermentations. I would highly recommend this method, particularly if you are brewing with extract, as it will be tough to get the beer as dry as if you were mashing it. Are you using liquid or dry yeast?

Oh, also, spring for distilled or RO water.

check out brewing in a bag for a really easy conversion to AG. Its a great way to brew.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

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<src="/uploads/db6829/original/2X/6/69160d499b8ffe674feb49f829382114ba50e405.jpg" width=“375” height=“500”>
Here is a pic I took today of my German pilsner brewed December 6. Yummmm!
All grain in your near future? Simple recipe/10lbs Pilsner malt/0.75lbs carafoam/ 34/70yeast/.5 oz magnum at 60 min and 15 min/1 oz Hallertauer 5 min


That’s a thing of beauty there

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All grain is in my future! Just waiting for the…umm… Banker to release some more cash. She is still pissed about the full size fridge-converted double tap kegerator that holds 4+ 5 gallon kegs and the freezer sitting next to it that she can’t freeze stuff in, sitting next to my Road Glide(other addiction) in the garage. Haha.

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Sounds like your already in knee deep or more. The minimal equipment you need for all grain ( brew bag) won’t make a difference. You will actually save money. All grain is a lot cheaper than extract.

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Brew cat is right. I went from extract to biab by buying a bag (about $10) and I made an immersion chiller (about $30 for copper tubing and fittings). You’ll save about $8-$10 on each 5 gallon batch.



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