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What's your keg cooler temperature?

I know everyone has a specific temp they like to serve their beers at. Also some types of beers taste better at warmer temperatures. What do you have your keg coolers set at? Mine is set for 40 degrees Fahrenheit with a differential of roughly 4 degrees. So mine flocs from 40 to 45 at any given time.

This is my temp setting also. Will be interesting to see what others have…

I also set mine at 40F, but I believe I have less variation than +5F. Obviously, opening the door does have a big impact on temp.

38df variation of 2df

I have bigger fluctuations in temperature. I have my probe wrapped in an unfrozen ice pack. The controller is set to 40 with a 5 degree differential. I see temperatures, with another thermometer, from the low 20’s to the mid 40’s. I might bring it down a little in temp and change the differential, just to experiment.

EDIT: I checked and it was set to 40F with a 3 degree differential. I reset it to 38. On my controller it gets down to about 33 and rises back up to 38, then runs again.

38 degrees seems to work best for me. I find that i can pour with a little higher pressure at this temp.

I’m also on the 38 degree band wagon.

My temp controller is set at 37°F

I keep mine at right about 34 F. I addition to keeping my kegs in there I also use it to cold crash and that temp seems to work great for crashing.


Set at 39; runs around 42

The colder, the more rogue bacteria are kept in check. Once poured in a glass, it only takes a minute or so for the temp to rise to the “perfect” drinking temp.

I’m at around 36*, 2* swing.

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