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What's your home brewery name?

Zip tag? Jeez you get all fancy. I write it on a strip of duct tape I stick on the side of the keg. I grew up in a very strict, religious home. No tv, home schooled, and no alcohol. Hence my brewery is named Rybellion Brewing. (I put rye in alot of my beers and my best beer ever is a Rye Bock)

Mine is Misdemeanor Brewing. There is a good story behind it as well. My sister-in-law, when she first met me, couldn’t remember my last name (Messerschmidt). So, when she was drunk one night, she mispronounced it as “Misdemeanor.” The name kind of stuck, and when I was looking for a name for my brewery, it seemed like a perfect fit - especially since I started brewing in Alabama, where brewing is illegal (though it is more than a simple misdemeanor).

Our last place (in the Chi suburbs) was a coach house that fronted on an alley, thus it was called “Back Alley Brewery”. Haven’t come up with a name yet in our new place.

My last name is Zubik which is Ukaranian and translates roughly as “little tooth”. So, “Little Tooth Brewing” was born.

I live on the Northern border so I would go with “Northern Border Brewing”,
although I like the one my son came up with,

“Rainbow Demon Funk Monkey”

Geis’s 'Myces

Rue Morgue Brewing. Iron Maiden meets Edger Allen Poe. :slight_smile:

when I lived in SD & WY, my brother & I called our efforts Blue Collar Brewing. it was a name my sister the wine maker came up with. now he’s down in WV and I’m in MN. he keeps the Blue Collar name and I’ve been calling our place Poverty Knob Brewing after a discipline paddle my granny had hung up with “Poverty Knob” engraved in it.

3 Dog Brewery. We are down to two dogs now, but it will always be called 3 Dog Brewery.

Because I am Swiss and German, I chose MullerBrau

So awesome

I have been struggling with a name. I was thinking of something to do with Saturn as it feels like it sits right above my house when i look up at it.

“Not Ready for Prime Time Brewing”

Cracked me up

Today is our 4 year anniversary.

[quote=“fightdman”]Today is our 4 year anniversary.

happy anniversary.

My one year anniversary was last sunday. I did a belgian dubbel. I thought it was this weekend which I am doing a imperial breakfast stout, which I planned as a anniversary beer. Whoops. at least I did actually brew on my one year anniversary.

Great names and labels everybody.

We live on Beaver Pond Road so we went with Beaver Pond Brewing Co, and like Ken Lenard there are 6 houses on our road and we are #1 in beer production, and to the best of our knowledge consumption as well :wink:

It’s your middle name and the street you grew up on. Which I don’t know the street I grew up on because I moved somewhat frequently.

I don’t really have a brewery name, always kinda thought it was silly, but for a while I called it Radar’s Brewery, because that’s a name a friend calls me. Might change it to something like “In the Night Brewing”. In the niiiiiiiiiiight-uh! <80’s rocker voice>. And I also like brewing in the evening/night. Many people I know say “in the night” whenever I see them. It’s pretty funny. Been saying that for 10 years.

This is my brewlog binder cover. I have three dogs which are not a lot of help, but seem to think I brew good beer.

Because I am a deadeye.

At shooting birds I am a beaut
There is no bird I cannot shoot
In the eye, in the ear, in the teeth
And in the fingers

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