Whats wrong with my hops

What’s wrong with my hops? I planted these last year and I have leaves with yellow popping up. Am i watering to much to little? Do I need more nitrogen (Using bone meal)? I was hoping to get a crop this year to brew with. Please help this mad brewer. I want my babies to live. Here are some pictures I picked the really bad ones I should have took the pictures first.

Any help would be most appreciated, thank you for your time.


can’t see the pix, but yellowing leaves / spindly growth usually means lack of nitrogen. May have to break down and buy some commercial fertilizer. Compost won’t have enough nitrogen in it. Manure might, and blood meal might if left long enough over the plant.

I have bone meal is this good enough? How much should i use? like a tablespoon? Thank you for your help

Can’t recall - 3T per plant?? Bone or blood meal give out different nutrients. Both useful, but I think blood has more nitrogen.

Bone meal IS a slow release, and blood meal is quicker, but not enough without harm to yer plants… Find something you are comfortable with that has a high first number. Don’t believe that you can apply it all at one time tho. I am thinking fish emulsion may have a relatively high nitrogen number, and most are certified as organic. Follow the instructions. Also, stick yer finger into the dirt up to yer 2nd knuckle, if its damp, lay off the water. Wet roots will also cause the leaves to turn yellow. Sneezles61

Yes, it is damp, Think I might be watering to much, I will add some bone meal as well thank you for your help!

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They are still looking sick down below. On top they look good. Dark green and hops are popping out.

Here you can see the lower leaves have turned yellow and have fallen off. It is hard to see but the string in the middle is actually a bine without leaves (If you click on the picture you can zoom in a little bit)

Here is the top. Also hard to see sorry but the tops are a rich green and have hops popping out.
(If you click on the picture you can zoom in a little bit)

What is wrong with these bad boys. I think I need to transfer them to a better area with more sun. What is the best time to transplant my babies?

Think(possibly) nematodes. MSU has a page on nematodes attacking hop rhizomes. Especially in subsequent year crops, the nematodes can build up n the soil. Will definitely cause yellowing of leaves.

Page should be available /search at msue.anr.msu.edu

What kind are they. My willimet look awful they are next to my nugget which look great. The Chinook is in between. All the same soil and treatment. Ripping out the willimet this fall. Now my cascade which is a sunnier spot altogether looks awesome again this year. I think sun is important the cascade area is hot and dry. The others don’t get enough sun

LOL WHat kills nematodes?

Avoidance is the main strategy apparently. Per MSU extension there is no chemical control for Nematodes on hops.

Very common in tomato plants and other cash crops also.

I think the lack of sun and too much water…… You’ve got some tall trees behind them hop bines. Sneezles61


Looks like you water too much.these things are weeds and need very little care. Just let tnemgrow keep the base free of weeds

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Now i am wondering if i can grow hops here on the island. Bonaire. Other weed. Grows fast here oeps mean weeds

Now I’m wondering…you live on a tropical island? Do you get a sea mist. Maybe the salt from the sea is burning your plants. A species of hops grows in about every part of the world. Maybe it’s just finding one that is comparable to your climate. Or maybe you need to amend your soil. If you have raised b3d’s you can use bagged garden mixes.

That could be issue. Salt in the air. Dont live so far away from the ocean

I would be more worried about scrawny growth. How long have these plants been growing after breaking ground. They start out thin and develops mass as the year goes by. If those pictures are current they should be thicker.

but then around the end of Sept. here in Minnesota,