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Whats up with NB?

I’m trying to order from NB and items won’t stay in my cart, there is no phone number listed on the site. I finally found a number doing a Google search and called 3 times and tried 3 different extensions and no answer. Are they not taking money any longer?

Use their online chat. Lower right hand corner of the screen (when you’re viewing the main website).

Hmmm that one guy had the same issue. Maybe they are having issues?


Hey guys- We are still here. For support, feel free to email us at … we can help.

We had a couple of struggles but are on the rebound back to the same level of service you are used to. I haven’t heard of Cart issues but our Customer Service team can help with that too.

Thanks, Todd J


Thanks for the response! I’ve always had great response from Customer Service.

Me no issues contacting. Nb cust service. Will place next week a order.

I sent an email before I started this thread and still no response. Why no phone numbers so we can speak to a real person if there’s an issue?

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with NB and hope to continue that but I’ve had good luck with other retailers too.

Must say. I do use more beer and bsg craft brewing as well. But nb. Answers my chat questions. Most the time with in 15 min

I too used the chat with great results but I don’t see that option any longer. I have a link to “Support” and that gives me an email link (that nobody responded to). I clicked on “Contact Us” and that gives me an email and a physical address.
I don’t mean to whine, but I’ve always liked NB but if I have to work to give them my money, I’ll find an easier option.


I finally got a friendly response from Mike, he said they don’t have open phones right now due to staffing levels and that they’re hoping to bring back the live chat.

I was able to get my order in and I hope they can get back to the great customer service I’ve always known. Thanks for the response Mike and you still have a loyal customer!

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Boy that sounds ominous…no phone support or chat…

Hopefully we don’t find this forum closed one day soon…

I ordered ingredients for three beers with that 20% off coupon 11/23 and they were delivered 11/27. Order fulfillment is still spot on.


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