Whats up next?

Well now that march is here, what are you going to brew? I may stretch out one more lager, Marzen. That would be able to rest until October fest… I hope, maybe, we’ll see. Sneezles61

My long awaited keezer build is next for me. I’ve got a Porter in a keg, and no place to put it. I ended up getting everything in reverse order of what I intended, so I literally just need the freezer and a collar. My pale is ready to move to secondary for a dry hop, so I’ll have a big cake of 1272 to use… big-ass IPA maybe?

I promised a friend a maibock that I made last year so hopefully I can get that in this week. That will be 5 gallons and then quickly a 10 gallon marzen 5 of which will be lagered until October.

Next up:Weizenbock
Planning: Northeast DIPA
Down the line: Goodnight Vienna Lager II
Drinking: Black Forest Pilsner, House Hefeweizen V
Lagering: traditional Bock, Maibock

Well the snow is melting, so it’s time to try catching some wild bugs! Splitting a batch between ECY Bugfarm and letting the other half cool ambiently with the cover off.

Danny’s Oktoberfest is up next for me…need to get some viable yeast first.

Alt with K-97, then a British IPA and an American amber.

Ten gals. of ESB in primary. I plan on keg hopping both then leaving one at room temp. for a week.

Kegged a beer yesterday that’s been sitting on Roselare for two years. Thought it was only a year until I dug through my notes.

Next weekend, a dry stout.

Since the plan is to try to turn the boiler off by the end of this month, I want to try getting my Dark Belgian done next since I need the boiler to push the temp higher towards the end of fermentation. I also have a Chocolate Milk Stout on deck and an IPA that I need some more hops for.

I have a bunch of other stuff that I want to try my hand at, but it’s starting to look like I’m going to want to push out a couple more double batches real quick to build up a stockpile unless I can find someone that’s willing to come help me brew since I’m looking at likely having surgery this year and it will be awhile before I’ll be able to handle the work of brewing.

Today was a Citra IPA. Grain bill based on a Zombie Dust clone recipe I saw online. Recipe called for SA-04, but I pitched US-05 because it’s what I had on hand. Never had a an actual Zombie Dust, but the Citra pellets in the bowls waiting to be pitched smelled delicious. I can’t wait.

I have an Oktoberfest and a Bock that have been lagering for 10 weeks now. I might bottle the Okt this week, but leave the bock for a while longer. Bottled an Irish Red last weekend, and brewed a Caribou Slobber using 7G of Maple sap 2 weekends ago. Upcoming: sometime within the next 2-3 weeks I have a Porter to do. Then it’ll be time to start thinking about my April/May batches- A Ryecentennial PA, and 2 batches of a Bluemoon clone, which I’ll split into 4, 1/2 batches, adding apricot to one, raspberry to another, blueberry to the 3rd, and leave the last plain citrus. By that time it’ll be June and the start of my summer brewing hiatus. Plenty of drinking though…

It certainly looks as though the fermenters will be busy for a while! I will turn to some ales for the summer too. I have another brew to work on fer Christmas, a strong ale flavored with a sweet cherry, I’ll call it santa suds! I know it WAY too early, but…. I will tinker with pasteurizing so the sweet cherry won’t referment… Great fun! Sneezles61