What's in your brew pot

Just finished two fives and a three. Split a mash 55% for an IPA 45% for a pale and runoff for a 3 gal session ale. Beautiful day. Anyone else brewing this weekend?

All my fermenters are full, and I’m bottling a watermelon ale tomorrow.

Not brewing this weekend but I’m gonna keg and dry hop an ipa that I made a few weeks back. I’m also making a orange/grapefruit tincture and a scorpion pepper tincture gonna try and dose a couple bottles and turn 1 beer into 3.

Brewed a kölsch yesterday in the middle of a thunderstorm/hailstorm/blinding downpour. Set up in my back yard, weather looked good, got mashed in and the weather hit. It actually was kinda cool (no pun intended). It finally settled down into a light sprinkle which allowed me to do the boil with no issues.

Planning on a CItra dry hopped APA in the very near future, followed by a BoPils and an Oktoberfest/marzen. Gotta make room in my fermenting chamber for the last two, though…

Brewing my second attempt at the czech pilsner today. It’s been an eventful day so we’ll see what ends up in the fermenter.

Bottled the Eisbock I brewed this winter (been aging in a keg for a few months) and pressure racked a blond from one keg to another so it won’t stir up sediment when I bring it to a party next week. But unfortunately, no brewing.

Brewing an American Heff for a Tahoe trip next month.

Drinking a nice dry hopped Pale, Kolsch was bottled today, tomorrow brewing an english bitter.

Ahh spring/summer and bubbles of a solid brew!


Got two different Vienna’s going right now. One of Matt’s vienna recipes that brewed back awhile ago november or December and was fantastic. Other is my recipe that I finally got perfect with just Vienna, Munich and carared and little carafa lll.

Brewing my first totally “mine” recipe of a simcoe/mosaic iPa tomorrow…very excited.

no brewing here, cooked a brisket for friends… BUT am putting a farm house ale zipped with black pepper into a keg and will let it finish/cask condition there!! Cheers Sneezles61 :cheers:

50/50 wheat with Centennial, Wyeast 3333. Will dry hop with .5 oz Centennial

Brewed yesterday for the first time in 2 years for an upcoming wedding. (Unemployed long term and in grad school – afraid to have kegs of beer too handy while I’m not working.)

Anyway did an IPA bittered with Centennial and then hammered with Citra the rest of the way.

Then did a 50/50 rye/2-row bittered with Mount Hood and used Hallertau @ 15 and 1.

I didn’t boil off enough wort on the rye so it came out a little weak. I added a pound of honey part way into the chill cycle to bump the points back up a bit.

Now that I’ve scratched my brewing itch it’s going to be tough to stop again.

Let-R-Flow, Git-R-Done.

Let-R-Flow, Git-R-Done.[/quote]

What better time to brew than when your unemployed. For the price of a thirty pack of bush light you can brew two cases of a delicious APA.

Bottled an oaked Scottish 80 pence. Brewed a apa that I will split and make 2 gl regular, 3 gl green tea pale ale. Enjoyed a few patersbiers while doing the “work”… :cheers:

Let-R-Flow, Git-R-Done.[/quote]

What better time to brew than when your unemployed. For the price of a thirty pack of bush light you can brew two cases of a delicious APA.[/quote]

Yeah but I was worried about getting drunk every day instead of working on my studies!

Gonna’ do a Wit in the next couple weeks, but am overloaded. I have 6 cases up in Wyo. and 6 cases here in Colo. I have an Alt, Crème ale, Dampfbier, American Amber, 2- Belgian Pale ales, and a 6 pk remnant of Irish Red. Have to give lots away. All I can say is I went a little crazy.

I’ve already brewed 215 gallons YTD and currently all my kegs are full. I brewed all the beer for my son’s wedding at the end of June. We are going to have 12-14 beers on tap.

Better get the fermenters full then! I would surmise that all your kegs will be empty in about one month!

Early congrats! Sounds like a hell of a party. One of my biggest regrets is not brewing beer(s) for my wedding, though I didn’t have kegging capability at that time.

Fermenters are empty now, but a 1/2-1 bbl witbier is in the near future, some of which we will also use to fill more sour fermenter(s)