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Whats brewing today?

Its nice here in MI today, 30*, chance of snow this afternoon.
Bout to throw the chiller in 5.5 gallons of Munich,
Try to get it to 46* and dump it on a cake of Czech yeast.

We brewed 22 gallons of Kolsch yesterday and threw it onto the yeast cakes from 2 weeks ago. It was bubbling almost immediately and today it smells glorius. I still have two empty 15 gallon fermenters but decided to wait to brew Denny’s RIPA as 19 of 21 kegs are full.

I just started the boil on a simcoe pale ale. One of my favorites…

This might be my last weekend to brew for 2-3 weeks, so I did Innkeeper and Oktoberfest yesterday, and I am just getting ready to brew a german alt in a few minutes.

Just started a Belgian Blonde Ale.

45 degrees and sunny outside Philly. No wind. Awesome brew day.

You know you’re my hero, right?

Now I do. :cheers:

Busy beer day for me, I just got done bottling my all grain Spotted Cow clone. Now I’m getting ready to have my way with a Belgian Dubbel Extract Kit. Its 25 degrees out and we got an inch or two of snow last night here in south east Wisconsin. Can’t wait to go heat the garage with my Banjo burner. Happy brewing to all !!

it was going to be a glorious day, my partial mash “version” of patersbier…but now that the woman wants to go skiing, ive resigned myself to washing yeast from a w3726 farmhouse and a w1768 english rye that were kegged last night.

Got a three liter starter going for for a BW ale on Tuesday.

Just got done with a Belgian Dark Strong. Hit numbers and temps on the head while the snow was falling.

Bottled a Deadringer IPA last night and boiled a Scottish Wee Heavy this afternoon.

Racked 9 gallons of barley wine to secondary, and kegged 20 gallons of house pale. Both batches were brewed three weeks ago from a partigyle mash. The samples of both the barley wine and the pale ale tasted great. This is the first barley wine I’ve brewed in about 10 years, the OG came in at 1.108.

I also timed the kegging procedure. It takes 35 minutes once the siphon is started to transfer 20 gallons from carboys to kegs and force carbonate.

Also pulled together a 3 gallon batch of cider:

3 gallons of pressed cider from the grocery store,
2 cans of frozen apple juice concentrate
1 lb dark brown sugar
1.5 pounds raisins, chopped in a blender with some cider to keep them circulating

Heated 1 qt. cider, brown sugar and chopped raisins to 160 degrees for 5 minutes to pasteurize the sugar and raisins. I used the yeast cake from the pale ale (WL001).

Today I spent most of the day brewing a IIPA called the Imperial Stormtrooper from BYO’s website. I changed it just a bit to make room in our mashtun and added some DME to compensate for it. Overall it turned out to be 1.084 and I pitched it onto a yeast cake that I racked today as well. Since I want to do something stupidly strong I’m debating adding a little sugar or probably some honey to up the ABV a few days in.

That leaves you with two empty fermenters…STEP IT UP!!

Brewing German Alt extract tonight. IIPA going into the keg to free up the fermenter.



I had bad luck today(had to go to work for 12 hours). So will fill other primary Sat.


I had to take today off work to get the dog to the vet. Afterwards, I helped a buddy run a batch of Bavarian Hefe and kegged a batch of APA. Also got a chance to fire up my newest smoker for the first time. Gotta love beer and BBQ.

Just racked a cream ale into the carboy. Gonna pitch a 1.5 liter starter of my house yeast WY1450 into it. There’s a little twist I put on this beer. No bittering addition, .25 oz Summit at 20 minutes and .75 at flameout. Hope it’s good. :cheers:

Got Nathan Smiths The Dankness IPA 2 days into primary with the fridge set to 59 on a rehydrated pack of Nottingham. Many have said this yeast at that temp is so clean it’s lager like…I plan to find out if I have a replacement for us05 or 1056.

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