What's brewin

Havnt brewed in two weeks and am getting antsy. What have you all been brewing? I’ve been keeping busy kegging and bottling and working on my pub/brew room. Can’t wait to brew up a big batch of doppelbock the week between Christmas and New Years.:beers:

Brewed a pilsner yesterday. Bittered with german magnum, cz saaz at 30 and 10. Big starter of 2206 bavarian lager.

When this is ready to rack I’ll brew a doppel bock and pitch on the yeast cakes.

I’m hoping to brew while my sons are home next week. Maybe a porter or black IPA.

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Ever make a Baltic Porter? I’m going to concentrate on lagers this winter. I want to do a black lager something similar to smoke and dagger.

I’m starting a Diacetyl rest today for my German Pils and likely also pitching/racking a “single” bock(more moderate grainbill and ABV) onto the yeast cake this weekend. Then likely a bigger beer to follow on the 34/70 cake.

Three weeks ago brewed a chocolate bock which was kegged Saturday. Couple weeks ago brewed an IPA and a PA on the same day. They should be getting ready for the DH. Planning on knocking out a couple lagers next week since I’m off. Want to brew up a LAL, a Helles, and a Dunkel this winter. I like to have some lagers when the weather gets warm.

I tried the Sam Adams Chocolate Bock last weekend at a party and it was quite good: how did you do the chocolate?

Mashed a bit higher for some residual sweetness and added Hershey’s cocoa powder at 5 mins before end of the boil. I think something like 4oz for 5 gal batch rehydrated so it will mix in.

Pardon my ignorance, but what is an LAL?

Light American Lager. Some people call them Adjunct American Lager but I feel that is too broad. So I created LAL. :sunglasses:

Do you brew that as a party/gyle? I’ve thought of doing that.

Neither were partigyle. Even the IPA and APA used different grain bills. I’ve been experimenting a lot with certain aspects that I’ve been comparing beers.

Just kegged a Porter I brewed from a kit. Got a couple to bring along as we snowbird for the winter. On sale at Midwest for $20 each I got the Porter, a Stout and Pumpkin ale for the Mrs that is on draft now in my jockey box.

Brewing them on an old burner on the picnic table here in the RV resort. A far cry from the 20 gallon AG brewery at the house but keeps me in homebrew and satisfies that itch to brew.

Only had room to bring two kegs so the Stout gets done after the Pumpkin blows.

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Just opened 1st bottle of an American Stout. Planning to re-brew a Spiced Winter Ale (mulling spices) - tweaking the recipe so 1/2 the batch has a little more spice. Thinking about re-brewing (as is, no tweaks) an existing saison-style recipe. And looking for ideas for spring beers to brew.