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What Youtube channel do you like

I would like to know of some good YouTube channels all of you recommend. I am basically new, I have about 4 batches under my belt. Only one was decent. So i am wanting to learn as much as possible.

This Who watches YouTube videos on beer brewing anymore? has some references to some non-youtube homebrew video homebrew bloggers. Homebrewtalk also has a thread of non-you-tube bloggers, but it’s from 2011 - . I’m not opposed to “feeding the googlebot”, but I also prefer my resources to be edited and/or curated.

American Homebrewers Association, since 2012, has been making audio/video from the annual HomeBrewCon available to members.

But wait, there’s more :slight_smile:

  • Zymurgy magazine (online) from 2000

  • winning recipes from the National Homebrewing Competition

full disclosure: I’m not a visual learner.

Again, you are so on top of this stuff… Do you do this for a living, or, are you digitally gifted… ? Sneezles61

1st, let’s bump this back to the top of the “latest” list - maybe someone knows of some good youtube videos.

Apparently neither - if I was truly digitally gifted, I’d have enough play money to buy a brewery :slight_smile: .

With any hobby, there are always trade-offs. I’m in a position where I can spend a small amount of money (membership, subscription) to save time and get edited / curated content.

For me, American Homebrewers Association and BYO Magazine have a lot of good content for a small amount of money.

As always, many ways to [learn to] brew it well.

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I like hands on… or trial and error… You choose… Sneezles61

One more time…

Denny pointed out a vidmo (?) and it was called mash and kettle… I did enjoy the couple I watched, I have more to watch also… Sneezles61

Since I learn best by seeing someone else do it first, I found “Brewing With Joe” ( to be really helpful when I went all grain. He gets the camera in there and shows each step of the process in full. Not just a quick clip. It was helpful to watch someone adding grist, stirring it in, getting rid dough balls, etc. instead of just telling you about it. It was also helpful to watch how he has a spray bottle in one hand and the other hand on the propane tank dial to prevent boil overs as the wort nears the boiling point. He has since gone to an all electric system so his current videos aren’t all that helpful to me but I still watch them.
Here’s one of his videos I like: Brewing an Imperial Stout (and maybe a standard stout too...) with Joe PT 1 - YouTube

I’d also +1 @voltron recommendation of Chop and Brew and add the early Brewing TV episodes as well.

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No CraigTube fans? :smiling_imp:

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^^^^ nope^^^^. Sneezles61

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