What would i catagorize my new beer recipe as?

im working on making a house brew, this is my first recipe creation.

6 gallons

3lbs gold malt lme
1 oz willamette hop pellets 30min

mini mash/steep 150-155 degrees f for 1 hour
1 lb briess 2 row crushed
1/2 lb briess victory crushed
1/2 lb briess caramel 40l crushed
1/4 lb light roasted barley crushed

redstar pastuer champagne yeast

done in the primary after 3 days. going to wait a couple more before i rack to secondary and split the batch. 1/2 will be dry-hopped with cascade leaf hops 1 oz.

i took a sample glass and its fantastic (even uncarbonated lol) tastes like a nut brown however i dont know what it should actually be concidered. anyone have any clue?

meant to be light and tasty

Taste is what matters in the end. If its brown and tastes like a nut brown call it a nut brown. I’d skip the dry hops. Or do the dry hops and call it whatever you want. :cheers:

Just curious why did you use champagne yeast??

well i had a buddy who kept telling me i should try champagne yeast, he never really said why but i will say it fermented vigorously for two days and at 3 days it is basically done. so i dont really know why but i went ahead and tried it anyway.

As to the dry-hopping, i like a little dry hop in most my beers

guess ill probably just call it a dry-hopped nut brown ale, unless i come up with something clever like shem’s hoptastic nut browngasm ale … lol


Your recipe with all your fermentables is only 1.026 Og according to my calculations for six gallons.

yea im only like 8 months into my brewing career and honestly im not sure what that exactly means. i know it abreviates “original gravity”, i have yet to learn the ins and outs.
it is meant to be lighter than i would normally prefer (my lady only likes the lighter craft brews)

im hopeing for around 4 - 4.5 % alcohol content

i do want to learn that stuff and get the necessary testers, learn the procedures. i plan to eventually go all grain but for now its extracts and mini mash

You’d be lucky to get 2.5 maybe 3 abv with your gravity that low.

would adding sugar help any? its been in primary for 3 days

One lb of table sugar will boost ABV by about 1%. I wouldn’t add much more than this, as it might dry it out and effect the flavor.


[quote=“DrGonzo”]One lb of table sugar will boost ABV by about 1%. I wouldn’t add much more than this, as it might dry it out and effect the flavor.


OK I ended up using 1 lb table sugar and 1 lb gold malt lme just covered with water ad boiled in microwave for about 7 minutes then chilled and added to the primary. It started fermenting again almost immediately.
Idk if that’s an appropriate way to us the gold malt lme but I didn’ t. Want to lose flavor as I had to remove some wort to make room for the sugar/malt addition

Sounds like the final product is going to be interesting :slight_smile:

Thanx everybody I would have been greatly dissappointed to bottle 2 cases of weak beer. I’ll let ya know how it turns out

Here’s some links that might help.

http://www.brewersfriend.com/stats/ http://www.howtobrew.com

Well a southern English brown seems to be the closest technical fit a bit low in ibu 's though