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What to do with trub

Okay, I think I’m using the right term… How do you get rid of the trub from your primary once you’ve racked tot he secondary? Pour it down the sink? Dump it in the yard? Six batches in, I’ve done both, but wondered if there’s any harm in dumping it down the sink… Keep getting wierd looks when I empty the carboy out around the trees…

I have a compost bin (round) in my small back yard where I dump my steeping or Partial Mash grains and trub. It us usually night when I brew and transfer, so I do in under the cover of darkness

Some what personnal preference.

If you have your own septic system you do NOT want to put it down the drain. The yeast is no good for the septic tanks biology cycle.

If you are city connected, I don’t think it hurts to dump it down the drain, aside from the possibilty of the drain clogging from hop particles, or whole hops.

Yeast is great as a fertilizer for gardens.

Some of that is good yeast. Add some water, swirl it up and pour off the liquid to harvest the yeast and save you some bucks. I pour the rest down the drown.

I dump it in my garden.

wash and save the yeast then dump it.

I throw it in a blender, add ice, bananas & pineapple and make a trub-smoothie. It puts lead in your pencil.

I save what yeast I can and dump the rest in my compost pile.

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