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What to do with NB gaarden hoe grains to brew something else. I dont like phenolic beer taste

Executive summary:
I have an extra Gaarden hoe all grain kit. I don’t like the phenolic taste of Gaarden hoe from the oyl 030 yeast so want to brew something else. I was thinking of brewing the raspberry wheat from the grains with oyl 021 yeast. I do like fruit beers.
Opinions sought.

So I brewed NB gaarden hoe with OYL 030. Fermentation temp 70 to 75 F. The 75F was later in fermentation to help chew up diacetyl. Mash pH 5.4, used 7 ml lactic acid to get there. 5 gallon batch. The taste was too phenolic for me. I did another starter of the oyl 030 and treated it like beer an let it fully ferment for a few weeks. Cooled starter to 34 F, sat over night, separated yeast saved the beer. Carbonated it in soda bottle to taste. Had the same phenolic taste that I did not like in the gaarden hoe.

Unfortunately, I bought two all grain kits. Was thinking of what I can do with the 5.5 pounds of pilsner and 4.75 pounds of flaked wheat mixed together. Thought of brewing a raspberry wheat beer with oyl021 at lower fermentation temperature to decrease phenolics. Opinions and other options are being sought.

Of course you can brew an American wheat AKA summer ale using pilsner and wheat. Just use Chico ale yeast for a clean finish. Add whatever fruit you desire. I usually add some citrus and corn sugar. You can also hop it up and go for a Lagunitas Little Sumpin

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OYL-021 is still quite phenolic. If you don’t like clove & black pepper, try some other American style yeast instead. You might like OYL-002 which is still a wheat beer yeast but produces no phenols.

As others mentioned, using a different, neutral yeast will give you different results. Quiet as it’s kept, I use Chico on my wits. Shhh. :shushing_face:


I do as well that’s what Sam Summer is also I believe

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Doesn’t surprise me. For me I want the orange peel and coriander to shine. The phenolics from the yeast distract from the fruitiness.

Thanks to all for the suggestions. I get it the secret to brewing a good wit beer is not to use wit yeast :)…

I see I am not the only one who is not a fan of phenolics

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