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What to do with a bad batch?

I made a batch a few months ago, I rushed though it, and I think I did not sanitize my carboy … anyway between carboy and keg, I found a weird taste, sort of metallic, and now that it is on-tap, it is un-drinkable to me (which is a pretty tough hurdle to get over), my wife thinks it tastes “too oaky” and the 3 people who I gave some too all said it was “ok but would not want another”… so what do I do with a corny keg with about 4.5 gallons of beer no one will drink more than one beer from?

I am just going to dump it if there are no good ideas…


Sorry @MFED it sounds like time to free up that keg for another better beer. It doesn’t sound like any additional time will help it.

Sanitation and temperature control are necessary for really good homebrew. The rest of the stuff is just following a recipe well.

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Beer soak, it’s good for you


I have 3 or so gallons you can add to fill the tub.

*Edit. Make that 8 gallons. I have another corny full in my shed. Just going to say my sour beer brewing days have come to an end. Waiting a year for disappointment isnt that great.


There was that episode of Brew Dogs when they sat in the fermenting vat with Jim Koch like it was a hot tub.

I saw that one. Brew Dogs was actually a decent show…I thought it was much better than the other beer shows during that time.

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Well I found a 1/2 keg of beer that got away from me I could add to the mix. The question I have is two fold. Does it matter if it’s spoiled beer and do you have to bathe at serving temperature

Polar Beer Plunge? :thinking:


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I went to a spa in northern Japan that had beer, sake, and coffee hot tubs.

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