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What to do with 15.5 Coors Keg

Someone gave me a half full 15.5 coors light keg. I’m wondering what I should do with it. I have only been doing 5 gallon batches. So. I have no idea what I could do with it.

I might be able to get a deposit back if I turn it into Coors? It’s pretty beat up so don’t know if they even want it back.

Any ideas please let me know.


It’s technically a rental, and still Coors’ property. So ethically it should be returned.

Isn’t this like finding a blockbuster DVD? Someone had to pay for that lost rental? How can identify what type of keg it is so I can find directions to empty it. I guess I’ll jus pour it down the drain since I don’t know if the beer is any good.

Let’s say hypothetically you did know the beer was good…would you still drink it? :wink:

If you want the deposit ($50 or so), return it. If you want a new kettle, keep it and look up keggles. Yes, it would be ethical to return it, but do you think those big companies always act ethically? I know my conscience doesn’t keep me awake at night with my keggles!

As for the beer in it…I know I couldn’t drink it, even if you knew it was good. That’s your call!

Ok where would I take it to. Would I still get $50 if its a bit dented?

I know, I don’t really like Coors either.


Well, if you had where you live in your profile someone might be able to direct you where to go.

Otherwise, check with any of your local liquor stores to see if they will give you some deposit money even though you don’t have a receipt for it. Or call the Coors distributor and see if they will give you a deposit refund.

If no one will refund a deposit without a receipt, turn it into a kettle for yourself or place an add on Craigslist to sell it.

It’s coors, how good could it be? :wink:

+1 to nighthawks advice.

No one wants to give me any cash without a receipt. I can use it as a trade in but I don’t see myself paying for beer. I’ll just store it and maybe I’ll use it as a Keggle some day.

Take it to a metal recycler. They are made from stainless steel, so you could get a little money for it.

Recycler won’t give ya’ squat with liquid in it, and stainless doesn’t bring that much right now.

Nighthawk gives some good advice, or keep it as a future keggle project for yourself…

It is a stainless keg, yes?

It’s getting harder to unload a keg at a recycling shop because of thefts from restaurants/bars.

Yeah, any reputable scrapyard around here won’t buy them unless from a distributor or brewery.

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