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What to buy for bottling bucket?

So I realized everybody else was using bottling buckets and would like to buy one myself.

now, the product at ... ucket.html

shows an option for “bottling spigot for bottling bucket”

is this the only thing I need to buy with this bottle to use strictly as a bottling bucket?

Or do I need tubing and one of those spring loaded wands?

The bottling wand makes things way easier. You don’t want to just put the bottle to the spigot and open it, that will add oxygen to your beer and probably get really messy.

Otherwise you will need tubing and a tube clamp ( … clamp.html) which in me experience did NOT work well.

Actually I only use about 2" of tubing and a bottling wand, so the wand “hang” from the bottling spigot and I bring the bottle to the wand instead of the wand to the bottle. It just works better for me.

I was also wondering about the tubing size for the wand

I can see that it’s 3/8", but does this mean I should buy a piece of tubing with a smaller inner diameter so as to ensure a tight fit? Or should the tubing be exactly 3/8" and will still work well?

The wand is kind of drippy and if you tilt it all will drip worse because it depends on gravity pressure to stay closed. I’ve read great reviews of the spring loaded wand. Adding one to my next grain order.

As far as i know the 3/8" tube is good. Any smaller and I think it would really difficult to remove the wand for cleaning.

I think I do basically exactly what ibeentired posted above

first off, YES - you wil want to buy that bottling bucket and the bottling spigot. Obviously the spigot goes into the pre drilled hole…

from there, here is what I do

I bought a shorter peice of tubing - I think maybe just a foot to 18 inches or so. as noted above my guess is it was the 3/8th size. one part of the tubing goes on the spigot, the other onto this thing: ... ategory/22


Siphon beer into bottling bucket (do you have an auto siphon?) and add priming sugar at that time early on, will circulate into the beer

then, at least for me, if I put the now full botting bucket on top of a milk crate OR my primary bucket with a lid, the end of the bottle filler ends up just about chest level for me. simply take the bottle, push it up into the filler, will fill and when it gets close to the top pull it away.

as I said in another post I do this over an open dish washer (if it is a possibility for you) so anything that does spill over goes onto the dishwasher door

hope this helps.

Thanks, you guys explained everything crystal clear.

Now I just have to order some stuff!

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