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What to brew next

iv’e done a few ag brews and have confined it to bavarian helles
and irish red ale, both of which i like. i have never tasted most
of the styles that a lot of guys on this forum brew because they
are not available here in oklahoma sticks. never tasted an ipa
or a Belgian. i would sort of like to try a wheat beer. i do biab
and 5 gal batches. i have lagering ability. i wondered if anyone
had a nice wheat that they would suggest brewing. maybe a
NB kit? A honey wheat maybe? anyone have any fave brews?
Thanks for responding.

just bottled the american wheat kit from NB. tasted and it turned out good, but i’ll keep you posted once carb cycled is done.

i would look up 3 Floyd’s Gumballhead clone. Hoppy Wheat, all Amarillo hops. Great introduction to what hops can do for beer, plus it fits within your wheat desires.

simcoe smash beer - 100% munich and only simcoe hops. One of the best IPA’s I make (IMO).

I’m not a big fan of IPAs, but this sounds like it could be very good. Have a dunkel currently on tap that is 99% Munich (1% carafa special 1) and only Mittlefruh hops. It is very good, and I could see subbing simcoe should also be good.

To the OP: try a weissbier, you’ll be happy. The recipe on the first page makes a great weissbier. Use WB-06 dry yeast.


I did the nb honey wheat once. It came out pretty good. Also, took a wheat extract kit and changed it up a bit to try to clone Sam Adams Summer beer. That was also pretty tasty.

We have wild raspberries, blackberries and even elderberry on our property so tried a wheat with blackberries too. That one smelled great but not enough berry flavor came through.

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