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What to brew next in my 1 gal

My 1 gal is ready for another brew. I have my 5 gal with a simple pale ale. I just bottled my DIPA, and I have a citrus beer on it’s way for my 5 gal. Any suggestions. Maybe a stout with orange or maybe something more refreshing for summer.

A good summer refresher is NB’s Petite Saison. One gallon wouldn’t be enough. You need another 6.5 gallon fermentor for this one. It isn’t high ABV so a sit down can involve a few.

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A Saison would be a nice beer to sit and drink. I’m sure I could brew up a 1 gal. Or maybe a nice session.

This is a petite French saison. Saison meaning seasonal. A good session beer. It was brewed to have something for farm help to drink during harvests. It is low ABV. It is not one of those funky high ABV Belgian brews that have been recently labeled saison. It is very tasty and refreshing with WY 3711.

Pet peeve of mine that a saison is thought of as only being a funky fruity high ABV beer.

Definitely gonna look into this one! That’s what I’m looking for; just a nice session beer. A true session; only 4-5%. You said NB carries it?


I’m anticipating sadness when you have finished the 1 gallon of Saison and that’s all there is.
I use my 1 gallon batches on high abv tests that if they turn out funny I can add to something else or drink in small portions.

Lol. I’m look at my 1 gallons for testing beers ive haven’t had before. That way if I like them, I then make my 5 gal batch, and if I dont like them, then no love lost. I’m a huge IPA/DIPA fan, pale ale fan, porter and stout fan, and cream ale. But I want to expand my pallet beyond those. Any suggestions would be awesome.

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