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What time is it

… Clemifornia Commontine time. Saw a bag of these in the grocery store and decided i’d take a shot at one of the recipes from probably my favorite BTV episode. Pumped.

You might want to consider only using the pulp and juice, not the white pith.

I’ll have to find the recipe, the wife loves the Clementines and orange peel flavored beer.

I use dried peel with the pith all the time, it does give a hop-like bitterness but I like that.

I think i ordered some sweet orange peel. I remember there were a few things chip did that he wasn’t too sure about, so i’m going to avoid them.

Just use the zest. The pulp and juice won’t add much without using a lot. Zest just the very outside of the fruit. Try your best not to zest down into the white part (pith?). I have a micro zester that does a great job. I’ve used orange zest in a few beers and it adds a nice flavor. But be careful not to go overboard. I’ve done that before with lemon and lime zest. Had to dump a whole batch.

Yeah, it depends on what you’re going for but the pith may be unsuitable. If I remember correctly, in that episode Chip ran into an issue with using the actual clementine zest. Generally, I would suggest zesting but I have never used clementine zest so I am unsure of the flavor. Maybe add some to some tea to get an idea of what you’re dealing with?

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