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What size refrigerator do I need?

I am looking to start kegging my beer. I would like to convert a dorm size refrigerator into a kegerator.

How many Cubic feet do I need to make this happen?

Where would the best deal be for a fridge like this?

Thanks for the help

I have a Sanyo 4217 I think. Sanyo 4911 is popular. It works well to fit two kegs nicely. If I took out the molded plastic shelves on the inside of the door, I could fit three kegs in. (pin-lock, they are about .5 inches wider than ball-lock).

The big issue: make sure your fridge does not have a freezer in the top. Many dorm fridges do, and sometimes it is hard to fit in a keg because the “freezer” is too low in the fridge.

Even though this is a good question, I could not find any suggestions when I searched through the forum.

There have been a few people that have bent the freezer down to allow the kegs/tower to work. But you risk kinking and breaking the freon tube.

If you come across a fridge for ~$50 you might want to risk it. Look for something with a inside height of around 27 inches or more.

4.6 cubic feet with the door stripped down is the absolute minimum for a pair of pin lock kegs really crammed in there. They are a bit wider, but shorter than ball lock kegs. Trace the bottom of your kegs on cardboard and take it with you if you want to be sure.

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