What size chest freezer?

I was wondering what size chest freezer I should invest in? I need something that could fit two carboys at a time and maybe hold 2 cases of beer. I also live in Texas where the temperatures can reach triple digits in the summer. Will a freezer with a regulator function properly in the hot garage?

You might be able to get away with a 5 cubic ft model. Not sure if a carboy can fit on the hump. I know for sure that a 7 cubic ft model will work. I currently have a 7.2 cubic ft keezer that sits on my back screen porch. I live in South Carolina and the temperatures get pretty warm here. You will definitely have issues with condensation, but those can be solved with rechargeable dehumidifiers and fans. My keezer holds five kegs but also has a 10 inch collar.

In my 5 cu ft, holds 1 bucket; there is way too much extra room, but not enough for a second fermenter. A 7cu ft holds 2 quite nicely.

Check this out:

http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showpost.ph ... stcount=12

I have a 7.2cf and can easily put 2 carboys in there without putting anything on “the hump”.

I have a 7.1 cu ft. Fits 2 carboys nicely. I also squeeze in a 15.9 gallon spiedel fermenter for 10 gallon batches. The 5 cu ft would only fit 1 carboy, plus I think the 7.1 is only about 20 bucks more.


I’d go at least 9 cu ft. You maybe want to squeeze a third carboy in there someday or 2 big spiedels.