What should I expect

Hello NB patrons. I have been brewing for about two years and am going to try a recipe unless everyone who replies says its a bad idea. OK so heres the recipe
2lb Pilsen grain
9lb DME Briees
1oz Millenium - 60 min
2oz Fuggle 3.something AAU - 30 min
tpsn Irish Moss - 15 min
1oz Cascade 8.3 AAU - 0 min
Will be using WYEAST 1650

I don’t even know what to expect other than a light colored, minimal hopp with a flowery middle and the famous cascade smell? Also does anyone know what the potential ABV would be? How do you find out what it would be with a partial mash? Most of the calculators I find are for all grain brewing, and I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.
Thanks ahead for the help.

If you are using NB’s Golden light DME, it’s43


so 9 x 43 = 378 / 5 = 77.4 , which is what BeerTools said.

2lbs of Pilsen malt with a 60% efficiency will yield ~ 10 points in 5 gallons. Per BT.

So a total OG of 1.085-87.

What to expect? What are you looking for? Can you do a mini mash with BIAB, trying to get more sugar from the grain and augment with DME? I think the Pilsen will get lost in that ratio.

Millenium is a high AA hop. I have used ~1oz in my APA/IPA, SNP clone.

Looks like sort of a blonde barleywine. Huge alcohol (about 8.5% ABV), somewhat sweet on the palate without being cloying, low malt flavor, well balanced with respect to hop bitterness, mild Cascade flavor and aroma. I would drink it, although it does seem a bit one-dimensional. Consider adding a couple of specialty malts to make it more interesting. A touch of biscuit or victory malt might be nice, maybe chocolate malt with a little crystal, or maybe toast your own brown malt or something like that, to give it a little more color and malt character. But you do certainly have a good base recipe that you can play around with.

With the specialty malt your suggesting, a touch like a tablespoon? What flavor will the grains add? I really havent experimented with the different grains. Thanks


You are really missing out if you haven’t started using specialty grains. As a very rough ballpark figure, about 4-8 ounces of just about anything that is roasted or crystal or biscuit will be enough to detect some interesting flavors in the finished beer. If you want to know what the different malts taste like, go to your local homebrew shop and actually take just a couple of grains of the interesting ones and chew them up in your mouth, like cereal. The shop owner won’t say a word if you want to eat a little of his grain that is worth less than a penny. The specialty grains all taste quite different. Buy a pound of the ones you like, crush 4-8 oz of each, and steep them in your batch while it is heating up. Yum…

Your a scholar and a gentleman Thanks

Chewing the grains is a good way to get an idea of what they contribute. It only possible if your HBS carries “bulk” grain. My shops buys it by the 1lb or 10lb bags from LD Carlson. No way to taste them here. :cry:

Wow, Nighthawk, that sounds expensive. I suppose LD Carlson will sell the LHBS whatever they ask for.