What should I brew next?

So I was cleaning up my garage and organizing stuff and found quite a stash of forgotten grains. A mix of stuff won at contests, ingredients bought but never used, etc. What do YOU think I should do to use as many of these ingredients I can in one shot?
35# of Briess 2 Row
10# of Rahr 2 Row
10# of “Producers Pride” oats (Horse feed maybe?)
1# of Crystal 120L
1# of Chocolate Malt
1 # of Carapils (Dextrine)
1# of “mystery grain mix” (looks like oats, barley and some cracked corn - hulls & all)

In the freezer I have
5 oz Fuggles
1 oz Centennial
2 oz Cluster
1/2 oz Williamette
1.5 oz US Golding (Fresh)

So I’m looking for suggestions. I have some ideas that involve toasting the horse feed, but I’m open to yours.

Looks like enough stuff to make a nice porter

[quote=“brew_cat, post:2, topic:7209, full:true”]
Looks like enough stuff to make a nice porter
[/quote]I agree. Maybe even a Stout. Enough grain for twenty gallons or so if you have the capacity. The Fuggles & Goldings work with either.
The oats are horse feed so skip them.
Where did the “mystery grain mix” come from?