What part of the yeast starter to pitch?

I have heard conflicting advice over the years about which component of the yeast starter to pitch. Some say to discard the slurry, as it is mostly dead cells, and to pitch the liquid. Others, like Palmer, say to discard the off-flavored liquid and pitch the slurry. Is there a consensus on this question?

Let the hornets start swarming!!!

I pitch the entire starter but that’s just me. I am sure you will get all kind of answers on this one.

Normally, when you make a starter, you will cold crash it after it finishes fermenting. This will settle out the yeast, leaving clear wort (actually beer) on top. decant most of the clear liquid, then pitch the remaining slurry. You can just pitch the entire thing, but the “beer” that is produced isn’t exactly the best tasting stuff in the world in most cases. It’s up to you if you want it in your beer.

+1 Starter temps can be optimal for yeast, but not for beer.

I have pitched it all, but have never done a comparison.

Since I haven’t seen any facts to support pitching the entire contents, now I cold crash and decant.

I’ve done both the chill/decant and all-in methods, and I’ve never detected a taste difference. What I’ve settled on is making an extra large starter, harvesting 1/3 of it to save for a future brew, and pitching all of the rest in the brew I’m currently working on.

Pitch the whole thing for ales. Chill and pitch just the slurry for lagers. Actually I see no reason not to chill and pitch just slurry for all beers as it might be “the right way” to do it. However, I’m also very lazy, so at least for ales when I’m only making a quart or two size starter, I’ll always just dump the whole thing in. This minimizes the amount of dicking around required.

I’ve done both as well. Usually depends on whether or not I’ve given myself enough time to cold crash and decant. I’ve never noticed any difference.

I usually do a 1L starter for ales and 2L, 2 step for lagers. Swirl often method.

I plan on brewing a lager Saturday and my starter is cold crashing to decant step 1 right now. I’ll brew up the second step 2L wort later today so I may have to limit the “dicking around” on this one and pitch the whole thing Saturday, we’ll see how it finishes out.

I always crash and decant. I haven’t found a reason not to.

I’m probably doing it wrong but I shake it up while it’s still fermenting and toss it in. I chill my wort so it’s about or a little below the temp of the starter. Fermentation starts right away, I like that. I feel I’m giving my boys a head start.

Fyi, for those stating they decant and pitch they are likely pitching just the slurry into their beer. Most either pitch the whole thing or just the slurry, I dont know anyone that just pitches the clearish beer at the top of the starter. For me, it just depends. I tend to not to pitch large starters. You’re putting more off flavors into your beer. But a 1 liter starter or even 1 1/2… I may just pitch the whole thing in an ale, especially if it is a good active starter.

Trying to cold crash my wy Ofest starter since yesterday AM. Yeast seems happy to continue at 36 degrees.

What is the reason to cold crash?

It causes the yeast to drop out and sit on the bottom of your starter vessel. You can then decant the spent starter wort before pitching.

I’ve done both, either crash and decant or add the whole thing. Usually it has to do solely with whether or not I have enough time or not. Good results either way, but the greater the volume of the starter, the more likely it may have some small influence on the overall beer.