What kind of line to use

This is my second year of growing hops. I used hemp twine for my verticals. They dissenegrated at the ground in about a month. Any one have any sudjestions on what I should use? Synthetic ok to use? Any and all sudjestions are welcome. Already seing some new shoots! Looking promissing!

Here is what the professional hop growers use.


That stuff from Sri Lanka is what I use as well but really anything that is course will work better than string that is smooth. I deal with lots of wind in this valley and my hops get kicked around quite a bit.

Strong, course line is the best. I had some twine break earlier, so go with the good stuff, as posted previously,(coir yarn) you won’t be let down.

I used just normal poly/vinyl cheap 1/4 inch rope from home depot. going on the 3rd year of using the same rope, never had an issue.

I’ve used thin nylon twine with decent results, but even that can fray and break. Also, the hops can’t grip it well and the bines slide down and pile up near the bottom. Don’t use cotton or sisal. I think coir might be the way to go here - I’ll be trying it this year for the first time. Just wish I could find a bulk source.