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What kind of "extra" yeast should I always have on hand?

I’m quickly learning a lot of things about brewing at home - especially about yeast - I had no idea.

I use only the extract kits right now.

Seems I should always have some “backup” yeast on hand for whatever reason that could pop up. Now that I know there a zillion different kinds of yeast - and it actually effects the flavor - what kind of yeast(s) do you have on “backup” - or is it a “collection”???



I always have a pack of US-05 in the fridge. It’s a good neutral yeast to have in those “just in case” moments.

The answer depends to a pretty high degree on personal preferences. While I have been a dyed-n-the-wool liquid yeast user since the early 1980s, these days I always keep a few packets of both S-04 and S-05 around for emergencies, or for the the occasional spur of the moment decision to brew.
The improvements in dry yeast product in recent years have actually been quite remarkable.
In fact, dry yeast has improved SO much in recent years that on those occasions when I elect to use it, I no longer feel as though I’m compromising my beer or “settling for less” by using dry yeast, which in the past was always a “hit or miss” proposition.
(Others on this forum who have been brewing since the early 1970s will know exactly what I mean! :mrgreen: )

Everyone has their own individual favorites so there is no empirical answer to your question (S-05 and it’s variants are often suggested and touted for having relatively neutral characteristics…yet some brewers despise those strains for that very reason).

The best thing to do is brew frequently, trying different brands and strains of dry yeast, and then make the determination for your ‘personal standard’ fallback yeasts based upon what your own palate suggests.

I always have a bunch of dry yeast on hand - pretty much all Fermentis strains. But if I had to choose a couple “emergency” ones, I’d say 05 and 34/70. Having a Notingham around also works.

These two plus T-58 are what I try to keep on hand. With them, I can salvage just about any yeast disaster I might encounter and at least turn it into something drinkable.

If I had to pick one, it would be US-05 without a doubt.

Wouldn’t that be because you use it in 90% of your beer to begin with? :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 to US-05. I may be in the minority here, but I also keep a packet or two of notty. While we are limited on the different dry yeasts available for beer styles, etc., the ones currently available are fantastic in my opinion. I brew with dry yeast 60% of the time.

Wow - this is a great forum - I’ll tell you that. I sure do appreciate all of your responses - thanks much - I’m learning all the time.



US-05 and 34/70. Yep yep yep yep yep, uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh. :mrgreen:

Wouldn’t that be because you use it in 90% of your beer to begin with? :oops:

Wouldn’t that be because you use it in 90% of your beer to begin with? :oops: [/quote]

At least you’re admitting to the fact. :cheers:

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