What is this in my secondary?!

Brewed an Irish Draught Ale. Primary fermentation went great. Now, after two weeks in secondary I’m seeing this. what is this??? Is it just some final ‘gassing’ from secondary cleanup? Or something worse??

I don’t see anything that would cause me concern if it were my beer but then if it were my beer it wouldn’t be in a secondary vessel. :lol:

Is that a film on top? It’s hard to tell from the photo.

That looks like the start of a bacteria film to me, but it might not be. You’ve got a lot of headspace in that carboy, which is not recommended if you are transferring to a secondary, mostly because it will allow aerobic bacteria the O2 they need to spread.

If it is the early stages of an infection, you can still beat it. First, take a sample and taste it to make sure the flavor hasn’t suffered. My guess would be that you are still fine for that. If the flavor is OK, rack the beer out of that carboy as soon as you can, and put it someplace where the beer won’t be exposed to air. Bottles would be perfect for this.

Then, very important: review your sanitation procedures.

Yeast floaties. Continue on.

I’ve had that before and I racked the beer out from under it and all was well. It appears to be some kind of mold.