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What is the difference between falconer's flight and

What is the between falconer’s flight and falconer’s flight 7c? ... -hops.html ... -hops.html

From the name, “7C” shouldn’t have Simcoe, Amarillo, or Sorachi Ace in the mix.

Probably a slightly different blend is all. I’d guess the result would be pretty similar. Its possible that the original blend is from last year too. I thought they were only going to make it for a year, must have been enough interest to keep it going. I’ve used the original blend and liked it, and I also make blends of “C” type hops (citrusy American stuff).

I’m guessing the “C” thing might be more of a citrusy hop thing than just the name itself. I consider the ones you mention to be “C” hops, but thats just my own personal opinion.

IIRC the original press release said that 7Cs would contain most/all of the actual “C” hops, but would also have some new/experimental varieties blended in, so that it would change from time to time.

Edit: Yup. … llets.html

What are the seven “C” hops then?
These I’m pretty sure of:

What others?

Seems like an odd combo if so.

Thanks. Didn’t know they made different blends. I may have to give the new one a try.

The Seven C’s is new this year, I just saw it a month ago I think. I’d actually laid in some extra FF last spring just because I thought it was a one time deal. I like the idea of buying a proven blend, I think they should do more of this.

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