What is the best extract kit you have made?

I am looking to get another kit and I want to get something that a majority of people on the site think is good. Almost want to do a poll- just looking for your thoughts on what the best extract kit is at northern brewer?

My favorite thus far has been the La Petite Orange Extract Kit. I now want to find a 2nd best…

Dead Ringer is better than the orange thing.

This is a “your taste may vary” question, but the “best” extract kit I’ve done was the sweet stout from our host. Not because it was my favorite as far as flavor, but because it was my best brew day/cleanest beer I’ve made…yet.

FWIW, I’ve not done a bad extract kit from our host. Brew on!!!


Either the black IPA or 115th dream… Both were great.

For me, it’s been the Caribou Slobber kit. I haven’t done the AG version, so don’t know how that compares, but with the extract version so good I think I might just stick with that. And it’s the only extract kit I did last year(along with 11 AG batches)

I think for me so far is the Kiwi Express it was great, and as for a modified kit I’d go with the Smashing Pumpkin “Cream” Ale that I modified with molasses, lactose, and bourbon soaked cinnamon sticks.

Cream Ale,
force carbed.
season to taste . 5 oz vanilla extract in the secondary
22 oz frosted mugs or pitchers!!

this is our “GO TO” - always a keg in the chiller

German Alt, hands down best of the best…but then I think the La Petite was one of the poorest…so our tastes may be quite different.

Really happy with the way my Caribou Slobber kit turned out… I will be brewing it again.

I’ve always been happy with the orange. – I’m not sure it’s very authentic, but very tasty; ferment warm, and skip the coriander.

But I am also a fan of the Dead Ringer. I brew that kit as-is; no additions and it’s a pleaser.

My favorite by far was Dawson’s kriek. Of course this one takes a little patience, but if you like sours, this one is hard to beat. And it just keeps getting better with age. I haven’t found a commercial kriek I like better.



The best tasting extract kit I’ve done is Jamil’s Evil Twin. I’m doing the all grain version of it soon to compare, but I’ve had even the snobbiest of beer snobs proclaim how good it is and then enjoy watching the looks on their faces when I tell them that it was an extract kit…

Caribou Slobber is a fantastic brown ale. I’ve made it 4 or 5 times and haven’t been disappointed. The Irish Red is really good too. And I believe it’s their best selling extract kit. Especially this time of year. If you’re looking for something a little more challenging (just a little), try a partial mash kit. John Palmer’s Elevenses was fun to make.

Thank you to everyone for their inputs. I actually have the dead ringer in the secondary right now so I am goign to try to leave it in there for as long as possiable before I hit it with some dry hops and then keg it.

That said my next try might be the Caribou Slobber as many folks seem to like it. However I may actually do a beer from another online location - will not mention the site but the beer is a clone of “bishops finger” which was one of my fav beers when I visited England last year…

Then to the Caribou Slobber.

I’m extremely happy with all of the NB kits that I’ve done. I’m probably happiest with the NB barley wine w/Neobritania yeast and 2 years of bottle conditioning.

The Plinian Legacy was awesome!!

I’ll admit that I’ve never had the real thing, but it’s the most delicious beer I’ve ever had. I’ve tried quite a few IPA’s, DIPA’s, and IIPA’s, and this was far and away the best. And it was only the 4th beer I’ve ever brewed! Just make sure you adjust the priming sugar if you are bottling it. I didn’t adjust for the loss due to dry hopping, and it was a bit over carbonated and foamy when I poured it. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Bourbon Barrel Porter and the RyePA. Both came out incredibly tasty.

I only made 2 extract kits before switching to all grain but the NB Bourbon Barrel porter was a big hit.

This goes back in time a ways, but for me, it was the BigAss Barleywine.