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What is in my Beer?

I need your valued opinions about my beer. After 12 hours in the fermentor there is a ton of particles floating around in my beer. A little more info to assist you: This is an extract kit of White House Honey ale, I used Fermcap, the airlock is very active and I think it is fermenting at a little too high of temp (carboy is 74, ambient temp of room is 65. Do I have anything to worry about with all these particles or will they eventually settle?

Sorry the pic does not show the particales to well, they are tan in clor and all abour 1/8" to 1/4"

sounds like coagulated proteins. it’ll be fine. you’ll probably get some chill haze, but that too will clear up with some cold conditioning.

Or just chunks of yeast getting their job done. Some more flocculant strains do this.

Yeah it looks like youve still got a good Krausen going. You’re only 12 hours in in this picture so active fermentation is certainly still going. Its just yeast floating around and eating sugar. Theyll settl out. Relax, have a beer, and let the batch do its thing for another 14 days.

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