What is floating in my beer

This looks disgusting. I have no idea what this is or where it came from. Has anyone seen anything like this?

Gross! So how did the beer taste? :yum:

That’s an undead Beer Eel. If you have the sudden urge to eat brains, seek medical help.

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Pretty good actually. No, sick. I’m afraid to drink any of them now. It looks like a tape worm or something. I haven’t been this turned off by a beer since I had a warm Milwaukee’s Best Ice.

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Check the gasket on you bucket lid if you used a bucket. My lid left little pieces of black plastic. Retrace all your steps, the answer is there somewhere.

a baby anaconda

looks like part of a gasket

Stem? Sneezles61

Kinda resembles the worm at the bottom of a bottle of mezcal…

Do you have that in all the beers you bottled? Or just this one?

My best guess is a ring of gunk from a not-well-rinsed bottle that floated up after filling. I speak from experience… I have no idea how one gunky bottle ended up in my supply.


I did that.


+1 on uberculture’s comment. Sure looks like a ring of yeast or something from around the outside edge of a not so clean bottle.

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I saw some of those worms after cleaning some commercial bottles. Just gunk, must have missed one.

Just one thank goodness.

Ah yeah. That sounds like a bit of gunk was stuck in there before filling. Glad it was just one!

Using the “valley girl expression” EEEWWWEE!!! :joy: Sneezles61

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