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What if I added to much water to wort

I did a extract kit from NB and not watching close enough I added to much water to the wort. Example I have a 6.5 gallon glass carboy and I have it filled to maybe an inch over the 5 gallon mark. What will this do to my brew?


Won’t be a problem. It may be just slightly under your target OG so no big deal.
You’ll just have a few more bottles of Beer :mrgreen:

Your starting gravity will be lower, I.e. Less alcohol.

all that would do is water it down a bit…slightly less alcohol, bitterness, and character. but hey - you have more beer. it’s not too late to tweak if you want to add for hops (for flavor/aroma) or boiled sugar or malt extract…just put it right in there.

you’re fine either way, though.

Thanks for the help It was the black IPA OG:1.075 and I had OG:1.070

That’s an awesome beer. the last extract batch that I brewed. you’re going to dry hop it anyway so I wouldn’t worry at all.

That’s not enough that I would even worry about.

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