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What Hops to add to the garden

I currently have a Cascade plant and want to add a new hop plant.
I generally brew IPA,APA,Stout,Brown styles of beer. I would appreciate any advise.
I can’t seem to make up my mind. I was thinking Magnum or maybe Columbus. Thanks in advance.

my chinook plant grows like crazy, and is good in IPA’s as bittering and late additions. IMO its bitterness is a little harsh for APA’s and doesn’t have a place in most dark styles (IMO!). Magnum is a great choice for dark beers. Whichever hop you use most/more would be my choice. Columbus is pretty versatile

Cascade are good for the IPA/APA, and they produce so many cones that you can make all the really hoppy IPAs you want. Since you like stouts and brown, maybe consider something along the lines of a British-style ale. Goldings and Fuggles are good, but they aren’t usually high producers. If you want a little bit higher volume, you could try Willamette or Glacier.

Zeus will produce like a mother. I got nearly 3 lb from my 3rd year plant. I’ve also had good luck with Centennials - they’re very vigorous and tend to throw out many far-reaching shoots. You can trace these back to the crown, cut them off, and replant them for another hill. It’s very easy to expand your hopyard that way.

Centennial grows like a champ for me too.

I have not planted a glacier, but have started using it quite a bit this year and really like it.

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