What happened to Flat Rate Shipping?

When I first started brewing, I always ordered through Northern Brewer. I loved the variety among other things. I have since used Austin. I went so far as to make up an order (50lbs of base, some crystal, 3 AG kits, 2 Extract kits, and some odds and ends) with Northern brewer, and had to go through the whole order with Austin as shipping was unbelievably cheaper. What gives? Has the loss of mail order customers gone unnoticed?

http://www.northernbrewer.com/what-happ ... -shipping/

Question is, what happened to the thread the you responded to (maybe you started) that had $7.99 in the title?

Like I mentioned here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=114918 : This topic has been beaten to death sense last fall when it was dropped.

Shop around and buy form the source that you feel give you the best deal. That might be your LHBS even though the price is a couple dollars more. Just because it is employing your neighbor. Or maybe they have absolutely shitty service so you order from out of state.

Vote with your $$ like you do with every other transaction in life.