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What fermentor for 2-gallon recipes?

Hello. I want to try a 2-gallon recipe. All of those offered by Northern seem to call for the “BrewDemon” fermenter, which appears to be a conical type. I have the standard 5-gallon plastic jugs with spigot from my first starter kit. Can I use a regular 5-gallon flat-bottomed jug for a 2-gallon recipe? Thanks!

Yes you can. I use brew buckets which are actually 6.5 gallons the buckets you can buy in the hardware store are 5 and 3. The 5 is probably better.

Thanks, brew_cat

I have some 3-gal Better Bottle plastic carboys. I’m not finding them on NB though.
The do sell this though

It looks to be a few bucks cheaper than the better bottle.

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