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What does full boil mean?

Does full boil mean boiling the full 5 gallons when making the wort , instead of adding the two gallons of water to the fermentor? What are the advantages?

yes, that’s exactly what it means. your beer will be a little lighter in color due to less carmelization, and you will have better hop utilization.


Actually, you have to boil more than 5 gal. to end up with 5.

Actually, you have to boil more than 5 gal. to end up with 5.[/quote]
Depends on how crazy your boil is. Like Denny just stated I start with 6.5 Gallons if im doing a 5 gallon 60 minute batch and that’s with a nice rolling boil.

7 gets me to 5 and leaves most if not most trub behind.

Hey Polar bear,

I notice you’ve been asking a lot of obviously “Newbie” questions here lately. Which is fine, we were all newbies once. Just wanted to point out, you could probably learn a lot and improve your beer by reading a good book. I highly recommend “How To Brew” by John Palmer as a first book. It should answer all your recent questions, and generally help you a lot with advancing your brewing.

The original edition can be read on line for free at :slight_smile:

Anyway, welcome to the hobby, enjoy, and don’t hesitate to keep asking questions when you need it.

Sounds like just what I need. Thanks for the info . I’ll do both.

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