What brewery to visit between Brussels and Luxembourg?

I’ll be driving from Brussels to Luxembourg in a few days, and should have some time to stop off and take a brewery tour somewhere along the way if there is one that is highly recommended. I know that Rochefort is in that area, but I don’t think they give tours. Anyone have suggestions?

If you’re into sours at all, Boon brewery is in Lembeek, which I think is just southwest of Brussels. I’ve never been there, but I’ve read a little about it and it sounds like an interesting place. Family owned and operated.

I just really like their kriek.

Now, if you’re going to France and need a guide and translator, I can be easily persuaded to make the sacrifice! Haha!

Hope you have a nice trip.


If you’re going to be in Brussels, you have to go to Cantillon.

Cantillon is well worth the visit, but I went there some years ago when I first visited Brussels. And based on my impression of the place, I very much doubt it has changed :slight_smile:

Frenchie, I go to Paris frequently, but have yet to find any substantial craft brewery culture there - except that the best bars are well-stocked with Belgian beers. If you have tips for that, pass them along.

Was in Amsterdam a couple days ago and we walked right past the Heineken brewery. When the wife asked me if I wanted to take the tour, I turned to the kids and asked them if they wanted to see how beer was made. They laughed and said they already knew from watching me.