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What a mess

I went to bottle my Black Honey IPA when I noticed beer dripping onto the floor after I had already racked half the beer to my bottling bucket. My bucket spigot had cracked, I tried to tighten the spigot from the outside and turned the crack to a break. In my panic I stuck my arm into the bucket to stop the flow.(Hopefully sanitized from cleaning the bottles) I dumped the remaining into a sanitized keg out of 5 gallons I saved about three. A couple questions.
1, Arm in bucket am I Screwed?
2, Dumped the remaining beer into keg as fast as I could introducing a whole lot of Oxygen am I double screwed?
3, Should I just dump and chalk it up to a painful expensive educational experience?

  1. No. 2. Probably not, but carb it and drink it quickly (next time, flush the keg with CO2 before dumping it). 3. No.

As a side note, if you’re using a bottling bucket you really ought to be removing the spigot after every use for cleaning and that’s the time to catch cracks. If you don’t disassemble the spigot you’re running a higher risk of infection.

I don’t get the dumping question. Unless it taste bad after carbing, why would you dump it.

I am sure you are going to be fine.

If you dumped in a keg, did you then pump CO2 in? That should help with O2 issues. Your arm was probably clean enough not to affect a finished beer. I wouldn’t dump it. Looks like you get to buy more equipment. :cheers:

I’d carb it up and get to drinking. :cheers:

Regarding the dumping. this batch was dry hopped so everything went into the keg. I did use a hop bag, but there was still some crap on the bottm of the carboy that snuck in. I did purge the keg multiple times after I hooked it up to eliminate as much of the O as possible.

Drink it! Call ‘Left-Arm-IPA’ (or right arm obviously depending on which arm went in).

I ditched my bottling bucket years ago. I rarely bottle but when I do I rack to a keg, set the pressure ~4-5 psi and fill the bottles with a length of hose and a spring loaded bottle filler.

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