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WH8040 problem

Guys, I used to brew and don’t right now. Credentials: won second place in 1980 Montana State Fair with a black beer before they were even common. I hope that helps your decision to weigh in :wink: But a web search on WH8040 offered your web site so I hope some of you experts can help me.

I am trying to cure 2 hams like Iberian style. Salted, aged for a year or two, sliced thin, enjoy with hoppy goodness (Godness?). I have a converted freezer controlled with the htc1000 and humidity is controlled by the WH8040. But humidity read about 20% even when the freezer is a cloud of humidity! My hams are getting soaked. (Took precautions, it’s ok - but confused so here I am).

I took the thing apart more than once to check wiring, but confess I do not know which temp probe wire goes where. So recently I reversed them, no change. The humidity wires are g-y-r which is what they came as. My model is 110v. I have a strong fan. I started with a weak one. No difference. Plus the freezer also circulates air.

If I turn the settings for high and low humidity down enough, it does cycle on and off as it should. But it seems almost like it is humidity in centigrade rather than F if you get the conversion analogy.

Anybody have this experience? Any ideas or suggestions? A small hygrometer from an old cigar humidifier reads about 90% when the WH8040 reads about 20 or 21%.

ThAnks for any assistance!
Matt Steele.

Sorry, I know the connection holes for the temp sensor, I just don’t know if being reversed matters. My readings seem to indicate it does not matter.

I’m not familiar with the WH8040, but it seems that the large difference between it and the cigar hygrometer would indicate that one, or both, are out of calibration. Not sure if the WH8040 can be calibrated, but you should be able to calibrate the cigar hygrometer using a salt test. Simply place some table salt in a bottle cap add a couple of drops of water (you don’t want it saturated, just moist) and put that and the hygo in a zip bag and seal it up. Wait several hours and hydro should read 75%. If it doesn’t it needs calibrated. If you need more info Google “salt test”. Another way to do the same thing would be to stop by a smoke shop and pick up a Boveda calibration kit. Should set you back about five bucks.

Thanks guys. The controller is very accurate and can be adjusted only plus and minus ten percent RH. I’m familiar with the Salt method, I guess ill spring for a good hygrometer and see what’s up. Maybe my sensor is not working.

Hoppy holidays.

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