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Weyermann pilsner malt

Does anyone know if the weyermann german pilsner malt is the same as the bohemian floor malted pilsner malt? New guy at the brew shop told me all their german pilsner malt is floor roasted but cant seem to find any info on it and the bag just said pilsner malt on it. Any help with this is appreciated thanks.

It’s definitely not the same. He’s sadly mistaken. Maybe in his opinion it doesn’t matter? In mine it does.

If there are any other brew shops on here… hire and train good people. Want your brew shop to fail? Hire people who don’t know what they’re talking about and giving out bad advice like this. I get this employee is new but he should have asked someone with more experience.

Sorry, off my soapbox.


This link is very specific from Weyermann on their heirloom malts and floor malting and as @loopie_beer notes states that their Bohemian malt is Hanka barley variety while floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt is produced only from Bojos or Tolar.

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Yeh it didnt seem right to me either. I will just have to go to another brew shop to try and get it. I only pay 50 bucks for a 55lb of weyermann pilsner malt at this place though so I cant complain

That’s a good price. I have 2 shops and limited to what they have. One shop stocks avangard the other weyerman. The place that has the weyerman is a pita. They opened a brewery and now they feed the brewery and are often out of this or that. They seem to have changed their focus. To bad. Their beer is not great and with so many breweries wondering how they manage

Funny you mention that, this place recently became a brewpub as well. If I didnt like the owner so much, I probably wouldn’t go there at all.

I don’t even like the owner. Snooty. Convenient though and they have gas. The other place I like better. The kid working there doesn’t come off as a know it all. If he doesn’t know he says " im not sure". I don’t ask advice at the brew shops anyway

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Yeh the owner of the place I go is awesome and not snooty. It’s his other employees and if they are in I will usually come back another time. Kind of sad they arent more interested in helping they just have to deal with us. Oh well. I dont really like ordering ingredients online

So I might try and make the same recipe back to back using the floor malted and the normal pilsner and see if there is any noticable difference. The only downside that 10 pounds of the floor malted would cost a little less than half of a full sack of ut. I’m assuming it’s around 60 or 65 for 55 lbs of that malt. And about 2.50 a pound bought separately

For science @Grantmesteven ! :vulcan::microscope:

Both stores we go to are very helpful and quite knowledgeable. Normally I know what I’m after but if I have a question about something and they don’t know, they’ll look it up and offer suggestions. They definitely don’t try to BS their way through.

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My LHBS encourages me to taste the grains to sense their differences. Tasting the same grain floor malted vs not is interesting. The floor malted typically has a deeper/richer version of the same taste

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My store just encourages me to give them money and leave.


Me order from the other big company. Did find out you ask questions. Most the time you get some weird answer. Hate people who claim they do know everything. Like the new guy at the brewery. He claims he got it down. On beer brewing. Never did brew a beer at home.

Talked with the owner of my shop yesterday and he confirmed that his employee misinformed me. On the upside, he can order me the floor malted bohemian by weyermann for 60 bucks a sack so I think that will be my next grain purchase.

Make sure it’s the Weyermann® hand-crafted floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt from heirloom varieties.

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Oh I will.

What styles do you make with it @squeegeethree

I’ve never used the heirloom. But I would put it in everything.

I really don’t think I could decipher betwixt the two… The CO2 adding the carbon acid changes the out come… pH could also alter it too? Mash at the higher side of correction… 5.6 and see if it’s different… Less fizz or more?
Way too many variables to hang a hat on to say one malt is best-er than the other … grainy malt😱 Sneezles61

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