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Wet Hop Cascade Recipe Help

I have looked around quite a bit and have not found what I am looking for so I will pose the topic here. I am looking for a mostly Cascade wet hop recipe in the IPA or Pale Ale category. I made one last year and it was good but missed the mark and was just a bit grassy.

Last years rough from memory recipe:

~12# 2-row
~1# Crystal 60
~1 oz Cascade pellets at 60 min
~4# (yes pounds) Wet Cascades dribbled in from the 30-60 mark.
Mash ~148F
WLP001 with starter

I want the home hops to show through in the beer and I had thought it would be super hoppy, but it was not. It was a very good beer but I am hoping others with experience can offer better methods or recipes. I want to use the entirety of the Cascade harvest in 1 five gallon batch. Thanks for looking and the help.

If you don’t want it to be grassy you’ll need to dry the hops first. They’re still alive and will work through some of the chlorophyll during the drying process.

4 lbs. of any hop in one five gallon batch is bound to be grassy. Any special reason to use them all at once?

My guess is that if you throw them in during the last 10 minutes or less, you will be less likely to get the grassy flavor. Less time to extract flavors.

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