Weird Yeast residue and smell after fermentation

I made apple cider ale for the holidays. I started in July. It was an all grain/cider batch with White labs yeast. I only used one vial though and I’d gotten it around Christmas the year before. I brewed in two batches, mixed the batches together, poured in equal parts into three 5 gallon buckets. Buckets had been used for food storage but I used one step and star san. I aerated by pouring back and forth and ended with around 8 gallons beer. I let those ferment for a week. After fermentation tapered off but was still going, I added the cider/organic cider.

The problem is that of the three buckets, one is much different than the other and has a different smell. I went ahead and racked it but I’m thinking it’s trash. I think a wild/domestic yeast or a yeast in the organic cider might have taken over.

It smells different like a little stronger alcohol smell and a little sweeter. I couldn’t attach the recipe because of an attachment limit.

I have a video but wmv, mov don’t work on this site. I added pictures of the three buckets.

Any ideas, would it be safe to drink?

Here is the recipe/notes:

Name: Apple Cider Ale (double batch)
Recipe Information:
Malt Extracts/Additions
Steeping Grain 20lb total - 6lb Pilsner/14lb Munich 2lb Honey Malt 1 lb crystal crisp dark 77
3 lb dark malt extract(correction)
Mash Detail 10 min @ 140 50 min @ 160
Hops @ time 3/4 oz Perle @60 1 oz Crystal @10,5 min 1/2 oz sterling@ 10,5 min
Wort Clarifier Whirlfloc 2 tsp irish moss
Other Water Treatment 2 tsp gypsum 2 tsp Sea Salt
Yeast Used White Labs Dry Cider Yeast (775)
Priming Agent Corn Sugar All spice Cinnamon (ferm/rack with)
Estimated Ranges
Estimated Original Gravity OG 1.055 to 1.060
Estimated SRM (color) 20-30
Estimated IBU (bitterness) 15-30
Estimated Alcohol 5.2 to 5.8%
Expected Fermentation Temperature 72
Date Brewed: 07/06/2012 0700 - 1300
Date Racked: 12/22/2012
Date Bottled:

of Gallons in Fermenter 3x3.5

Yeast & Strain WL Dry Cider Yeast (use by 3/13/2012)
Original Gravity OG 1.055 (corrected)
Temp of Wort @ Yeast Pitch 78
Lag Time to Fermentation 12 hr

of Days in Primary Fermenter 150

Gravity @ Rack Not checked
Final Gravity (FG)
Alcohol By Vol % (OG - FG x 131)

Notes: Added 1.5lb dark malt extract to correct OG. Originally mashed at 125. intended to take it to 160 but it went to around 168, so may have lost a little conversion. Also, gravity was still a little low so I added another 2 cups dark liquid malt extract (1.5 lb?). Also, volume wash short so I went back to the mash tun and got a gallon. noon-4. 1.50/lb, need 2 gallons (4 64’s of apple cider sw?). Added 1 gallon Store Brand Apple Cider, 1 gallon unfiltered organic cider.

How does it taste?