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Weird Bubbling within 4 hours then Nothing - Did I Pitch too Hot

Yesterday I made the extract Kama Citra Session IPA and followed the instructions to the best of my understanding (second batch). It said cool the wort to 100 then transfer to the fermenting bucket with the 2 gallons of cold water in it and top of with cold water. The instructions said to pitch at 78 and the thermometer said 80 in the bucket so I took it to the garage to wait till it got down to 76 and pitched Safale-US05. Then put it in the Cool Brewing cooler bag with icepacks and Inkbird taped to the bucket and both Inkbird and tape thermometer said about 74. *One thing to note is that I aerated the bucket again cause it was sitting for a while to drop to 76 before I put in the Safale us-05. Don’t know if that was wrong.

Within 4 hours had a bunch of airlock activity for a good 6 hours. Went to bed and got up to check the temp and it’s down to 65 where I want it, but no airlock activity.

So finally to the question. Could the airlock activity just be from the aeration or did I pitch to warm even though that was what the instructions said to do?

I imagine I’ll need to wait another day or so before calling anything failed. What are my options at this point or am I being a Noob and worrying over nothing?

Additional Info:
Put wort in bucket at 1:30 PM 80 degrees
Pitched Safale us-05 at 2 PM 76 degrees
Airlock bubbling a lot at 5:30 74 degrees
Checked at 10:30 PM down to 69 degrees bubbling less
check this morning at 6:30 AM 65 degrees and no bubbling

I believe you will be fine. 76* is not optimal but the yeast will handle that no problem…some yeasts just take 24 hours or longer to get rolling. Buckets are also notoriously difficult to hold airlock activity accountable…I would give it another 12-24 hours and things should be rolling…sometimes you can see krauesen even if there is no airlock activity and that may be your case.


And the continued chilling may have slowed the yeast…

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Thank you voodoo_donut and sneezles61 for the info confirmation. It started activity again this afternoon and holding at 65 degrees which is the temp I’m going for (at least that is what I’ve read to keep it at). So that is right what you were saying.

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